Introducing Smart Living to Increase Accessibility, Convenience, and Independence for PWDs

CHERRY Cares, the corporate social responsibility arm of CHERRY Philippines joins United Nations in celebrating the International Day of Disabled Persons. This is to recognize the importance of creating an inclusive society that values the contributions of all individuals, regardless of ability.
Every 3rd of December marks the observance of International Day of Disabled Persons that raises awareness of the value of inclusion in both personal and professional spheres. With this, CHERRY Cares is dedicated to taking tangible steps and support this cause by advocating inclusive employment.
“We are glad to play a part in opening opportunities for PWDs, allowing them to overcome barriers and unlock their full potential. As we do not limit their disability; we look at their abilities that are louder than what ears can hear and what eyes can see,” shares Agnes Conopio, PR-CSR Senior Manager.
In regard with this advocacy, CHERRY Cares is also looking at the immense potential and talents that persons with disabilities possess. Hence, CHERRY Philippines made a big step by growing its collaboration with PWD content creators. One of them is Erline Grace Maniquis, a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) popularly known as “DEAFinitely Beautiful”. She is currently amplifying the value and convenience that CHERRY products can offer to the people with disabilities.
CHERRY has led the way in offering smart home products that are precisely tailored to the demands and specifications of the PWD community. With the CHERRY Smart Windoor Sensor, Erline expressed that she felt more secure knowing she could monitor who entered her room and receive alerts in real-time. This is by using a smartphone with the CHERRY IoT Solutions App. It creates an environment that suits the unique requirements of persons with sensory or cognitive disabilities. By addressing specific challenges and providing smart solutions, CHERRY products can transform a regular household to a smart space that supports greater independence.
As an advocate for inclusivity and smart living, CHERRY Cares persistently fosters awareness and promotes the adoption of accessible smart technologies. Its commitment lies in enhancing the quality of life of Filipinos and individuals with disabilities for a more compassionate and accessible world for all.
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