CHERRY Cares, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of CHERRY Philippines, has embraced a commitment to support local animal shelters through its project Pa-Help Paw.
The special project Pa-Help Paw started in December of 2021. It strives to promote animal welfare by giving food, medications, CHERRY Pet products, and other necessities to predetermined animal rescue agencies and recipients.
At the core of CHERRY Cares’ initiatives lies a genuine concern for our four-legged friends. By reaching out to San Mateo Municipal Pound and House of Strays, the company has taken significant steps to address the growing challenges faced by these shelters. Dog food, cat food and pet shampoo were allocated to aid the overall maintenance of the facilities.
“When we say inclusivity, this includes our fur families through our Pa-Help PAW Project. This is one of our ways to give back and create a happy and healthy relationship with our pets. Let us treat them as part of our family and give them equal rights rather than just co-existing,” says Ms. Agnes Conopio, PR-CSR Head, CHERRY.
This initiative has unlocked our fur-mily’s strong bonds with their humans and encouraged positive behaviors free from abuse, neglect, and abandonment.
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