In observance of the Int’l Customs Day… BOC PORT OF CEBU REAFFIRMS PORT’S COMMITMENT

As the world observes International Customs Day, Bureau of Customs Port of Cebu District Collector Atty. Ricardo Uy Morales II, CESE, extends his warmest greetings and reaffirms the Port’s commitment to the theme of this year’s celebration: “Customs Engaging Traditional and New Partners with Purpose.”

Emphasizing the Port’s dedication to fostering a secure and prosperous trade environment, District Collector Atty. Morales highlighted the importance of collaboration with both traditional and new partners. 

“In alignment with this year’s theme, the Bureau of Customs Port of Cebu is actively engaged in strengthening existing alliances while forging new partnerships. Our focus is not only on implementing innovative strategies and adhering to international standards but also on building a purpose-driven community that spans beyond our traditional borders,” said District Collector Atty. Morales.

The Port of Cebu plays a pivotal role in the global trade network, and on International Customs Day, the Port of Cebu reiterates its commitment to enhancing these vital connections. 

District Collector Atty. Morales added, “Today, we recommit to our noble profession with a renewed focus on purposeful engagement. By working together, learning from each other, and supporting one another, we can navigate the complexities of modern customs operations while preparing for future innovations.”

Under the leadership of District Collector Atty. Ricardo Uy Morales II, CESE, and with guidance from Commissioner Bienvenido Y. Rubio, the Port of Cebu remains dedicated to its role as a facilitator of lawful trade and a protector against illegal activities. 

Through purposeful engagement and collaborative efforts, the Port of Cebu aims to contribute significantly to a more efficient, secure, and thriving global trade environment.

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